Monday, February 9, 2009

Raptor Road Trip!

On Feb. 7 we went to the Raptor Road Trip on Sauvie Island! When we got there we drove past some cormorants near the Sauvie Island bridge. Then we got some information and set out right away to the first viewing spot. Upon arriving at the first place the first thing we saw as soon as we got out of our car was a flock of sandhill cranes!

At the top of the hill we saw two adult bald eagles and their nest, tundra swans and a couple other birds such as jays. Then, on to the second viewing spot. I've never seen so many snow geese in my life! There must have been thousands of them all making a HUGE racket! Between the places there must have been a raptor on every other tree! I've never seen so many eagles, hawks and other raptors!

On our walk up to the third and final viewing spot, we saw more cranes, geese, an eagle, two harriers and some others. When we arrived at the end of the trail we were surprised to see Laura, (aka Birdnerd) from Laura goes birding! She told us that earlier they saw a prairie falcon tear apart a bird :-0! Then we saw another bald eagle, more cranes, a yellow rumped warbler, a downy woodpecker, and some more Canada geese. After a little while we headed back to our car and made our way back to check out the Audubon's Society's education birds.

So that was the story of our trip around the viewing spots. I will tell the rest of the story with some pictures.

Enjoy :-)

This bald eagle was right next to the road.

This was taken through my new binoculars - a bald eagle in its nest.

These were sandhill cranes at viewing spot #3.

Hazel the northern spotted owl - one of Audubon's education birds.

Meet Finnegan the peregrine falcon.

Aristophanes the common raven.

Bird list for the day.
  1. Double crested cormorants
  2. Sandhill cranes
  3. Bald eagle
  4. Red tailed hawk
  5. American kestrel
  6. Snow geese
  7. Dark eyed (Oregon) junco
  8. Tundra swans
  9. Black capped chickadee
  10. American coot
  11. Western scrub jay
  12. Yellow rumped warbler
  13. Downy woodpecker
  14. Common merganser
  15. Northern harrier
  16. Canada geese
  17. American robin
  18. Gull
  19. European starling
  20. American crow
  21. Turkey vulture


NW Nature Nut said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! I love the photo of the Eagle and nest. Those nests are huge, huh?

Birdnerd said...

Nice to meet you Saturday! Looks like you had a banner day on the island. Great weather, great birds!

North West Birds said...

Michele: I did have a great trip. I like the eagle photo too. There nests are huge.

Bidnerd: Nice meeting you too :-) You should post that picture of that prairie falcon on your blog.

Have a good week!