Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birds of Monterey.

These are the wild birds from our trip to Monterey, California.

Pelagic cormorants! I've waited a long time to see these.

The gulls were surprisingly large.

A flock of brown pelicans.

What a sight.

These pigeons sometimes strayed into the stores.

Is this a Heerman's gull?

A young brown pelican.

I could never figure this bird out. Any ideas?

This is a funny picture!

The mystery bird again.

A red-shouldered hawk! This was a pleasant surprise.

Have a good week.

Autumn trees, mushrooms and squirrels.

There has been a lot of wildlife activity around. Especially around the pumpkin seeds.

The squirrels and jays have been gobbling up the leftover pumpkin seeds from carving.

Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees but there is still some left.

Don't know what kind of mushrooms these are.