Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some great pictures for the Summer.

Hey everybody!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have been really enjoying the Summer weather. We took a vacation to Ashland. I saw two life birds, an Acorn Woodpecker and a Western Kingbird!

I have a whole bunch of cool pictures to share from the summer.

A house finch enjoying some sunflower.

A silhouetted song sparrow.

Picturesque grass.

A female Mallard quacking at me.

We saw this strange bee group. Any ideas why they are on the ground like this? Please let me know!

A pretty little ladybug

This is a near perfect shot! A rainbow going around the sun in a perfect circle! I forget what you call this.

A big worm!

A little Annas hummer.

A daylily in our yard.

A male Annas hummer

A juvenile dark-eyed junco!

Black-headed grosbeaks have become regulars.

One of the juvenile red-tailed hawks from the nest in Greenway park! This guy was looking straight at me! They look really healthy!

An Osprey over Emigrant Lake in Ashland.

An Acorn woodpecker! A life bird! I am pleased at the way this turned out!

Enjoy the Summer!