Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FOS birds.

Recently I have seen two First Of Season birds.

I didn't even know what bird this is. I just snapped this photo of it. When I looked at the picture I just took I realized that it's a Cedar Waxwing!

This is a Great-blue heron but It represents the Green Herons that have come back.

I still have not seen any Evening Grosbeaks or Lazuli Buntings. Although I spotted a female Western tanager at the library nearby I have not seen any in my yard.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Columbia river gorge; Part 3

Wahkeena falls.

Multnomah falls.

The bottom of Ponytail falls.

A millipede on a rock near Ponytail falls.

A junco hopping around with a beak full of nesting material.

This was an amazing trip. We saw many cool things and enjoyed our hike.

Time well spent.

Columbia river gorge; Part 2

Behind Ponytail falls.

A cool little spot near Wahkeena falls.

At the bottom of Wahkeena falls.

Latourell falls.

An Osprey soaring over.

Columbia river gorge Part 1.

These are the rest of the photos from Friday when we went to the Columbia river gorge.

We started at Horsetail falls.

Horsetail falls.

The view from the trail leading to Ponytail falls.

Does anyone know what these are? They have a very sweet smell.

These are very pretty little flowers.

Arriving at Ponytail falls.