Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch up post.

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the lack of posting. Since I haven't posted for a while I decided to make a catch up post.

A mother mallard with her ducklings!

This red-winged blackbird does not like people. He always chirps and hovers right over your head when anybody walks over "the beaver bridge". I don't blame him. He has a nest right next to it! We heard the babies chirping yesterday.

A mallard nest in Greenway.

Look at the size of the goslings!

Another huge "gosling".

Yes! I got a picture of one of the male black-headed grosbeaks that have arrived!

We have also spotted a mother wood duck with 11 babies in Greenway park! She is very good at hiding. A good skill to have when there are so many predators around.

Have a great week! :-)


NW Nature Nut said...

All your baby bird photos sure are cute! Have you seen any Evening Grosbeaks? I had them pass through last year, but not this year. Sigh.

Warren Baker said...

Those grosbeaks look spectacular birds.

have a good week youself too.

North West Birds said...

Michele: I always enjoy watching baby birds follow their family. Sadly I have not seen any evening grosbeaks, just the black-headed.

Warren: I really like the grosbeaks. The males are really colorful and pretty.