Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FOS birds.

Recently I have seen two First Of Season birds.

I didn't even know what bird this is. I just snapped this photo of it. When I looked at the picture I just took I realized that it's a Cedar Waxwing!

This is a Great-blue heron but It represents the Green Herons that have come back.

I still have not seen any Evening Grosbeaks or Lazuli Buntings. Although I spotted a female Western tanager at the library nearby I have not seen any in my yard.


Warren Baker said...

I'm confident you will find the missing species mate.

J'ellen said...
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J'ellen said...

As someone new to snapping birds, I had to laugh at the "what the..." as it zipped by! I've been there too. Nice photos!

NW Nature Nut said...

Hope you are having a great summer. Thought I'd stop by and say "hi" since you haven't posted for a while. Hope you are getting out in the sunshine and enjoying nature!