Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birds of Monterey.

These are the wild birds from our trip to Monterey, California.

Pelagic cormorants! I've waited a long time to see these.

The gulls were surprisingly large.

A flock of brown pelicans.

What a sight.

These pigeons sometimes strayed into the stores.

Is this a Heerman's gull?

A young brown pelican.

I could never figure this bird out. Any ideas?

This is a funny picture!

The mystery bird again.

A red-shouldered hawk! This was a pleasant surprise.

Have a good week.

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Ruth said...

What a great birding location! We were there this week for two days and I would have loved to stay til April. Great pics... I am going to have to look up the birds I took pictures of when I get home.