Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coopers hops in chimney at Chapman!

Here is a a video of the Vaux swift migration at Chapman Elementary School in September.

It was a cloudy, gloomy evening as the swifts gathered outside.
The people started coming as well as the Audubon society of Portland for the swift watch.

Some of the swifts started going in the chimney a little early which was a little unusual, (I think their timing got a little thrown off by the bad weather). Despite the weather there was still plenty of birds.

There was a few Peregrine falcons flying about but not much pursuit.

All of a sudden as the swifts got to full force in came an adult Coopers Hawk!
He just sat there perched on the chimney waiting very patiently for a meal.
After awhile, all of a sudden he hopped down in the chimney and amazingly we got it on video!

Here it is,

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