Friday, October 24, 2008

Lots of Pine Siskins

There where a bunch of Pine Siskins Wednesday morning!
They were everywhere, in fact there must have been over 20 of them in the yard at the same time! It was a big surprise because we never got any Siskins at all, we just got lots and lots of Goldfinches every day.

I did manage to get one of them on video Tuesday and that is coming soon.
In the meantime good luck on the GBCO and good birding :-)


NW Nature Nut said...

Things have been really slow in my yard this week. I didn't have to fill the feeders as much, which tells me there are less birds. I have time in the morning to watch before work and there were few birds. A few Pine Siskins and a few Juncos. "Few" being the key word. I think that Sharp-shinned Hawk might be hanging around. (Imagine me shaking my fist!) This isn't good for my October bird Count! ;) Glad *you* are seeing some birds!

North West Birds said...

Same here in my yard too until yesterday! Thank goodness that we have been seeing birds again :-)
I was starting to miss them allot.

Ha Ha hawks are both good and bad for bird counts :-)