Thursday, January 1, 2009

Greenway flood brings Beaver for new year.

Well, we can say hello to 2009 by welcoming a semi flood in Greenway Park.

Look at that. Geese, Northern Shovelers, Teals, Herons, Egrets, Mallards, and a wide variety of ducks!

Cool! It's an expanded Wetlands!

Sorry for the low quality pictures but they had to be taken by my Dad's cell phone.

On the way back from "The Beaver bridge" we saw something furry swimming.
What could that be? That's a Beaver! No that's a Nutrea. Oh, it could just be a log. But wait! Look! That's a Beaver!

Thanks for reading!


linda said...

Congrats on sighting a beaver!

I often see nutria on the creek by the Millikan Way Max Staton.

Once though I saw a beaver and evidence of saplings downed. Wish I knew where to look for the lodge.

NW Nature Nut said...

Wow, you got a Yankee Flipper? Cool! I'll be looking forward to some video of squirrel flipping.

About the big lens...we rented it from a camara shop in Portland. They are spendy and renting is a good way to try it out. I think Snow Geese are fairly common, I'm not sure. Today we went to Ridgefield NWR and drove the loop. We saw lots of Red-tailed Hawks, Tundra Swans and Rough-legged Hawks. Have you been there? It's a fun place. Happy Birding in the new year!

Mary said...

Looks like a great park and that someone is having a very good time enjoying it.

North West Birds said...

Linda: Thanks!It was really cool to have finally seen a Beaver in the wild!
The only Beaver I saw before this was in the zoo!
I have seen a dam in Greenway Park but it was an old one.
I've never seen any Nutria except for in photos.

Michele: Yes, I got a Yankee Flipper,(yay).

I saw that you ran into some of the other Bloggers we know at Ridgfield ;-)
We were planning to go to the Birdfest back in October but we didn't end up going, so I've never been there. Happy birding too!

Mary: It is a very fun park.
I really enjoy it :-)