Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yankee Flipper.

This is a House finch and Nuthatch on my new Yankee Flipper I got for Christmas.

Happy New Year!!!


Beverly said...

I hope you let us know what you think of the VERY EXPENSIVE feeder you got for Christmas. What a neat gift!

I'm so curious about the feeder you show next to it. Is that roof homemade or did you buy the feeder that way? It is very cool looking and looks to keep weather off the seed as well as bigger birds off the feeder. Can you tell us about it, please?

I may have asked this question earlier...but I can't find if you replied. I'll make sure to check that 'follow-up' button!

Happy New Year!!!

North West Birds said...

I will have to learn more about the platform feeder. You buy the roof and the feeder separately.
The roof keeps away the larger birds, (such as Jays) and keeps the seed nice and dry.

Happy New Year!

Beverly said...

Thanks Connor! I appreciate your getting back to me. I've found more info on the contraption and where to get it, too. It's an interesting shape, I rather like that it keeps the bigger birds I have problems with doves and pigeons!