Sunday, December 21, 2008

Starlings in the snow.


NW Nature Nut said...

Oh Geez. Tell me about it. I counted about 30 today for Project Feeder Watch. Arg. *But*'ll have to watch and see whoelse I saw!!

A Portland Backyard said...

We have been swamped with Starlings since the snow. It's incredible. They have also taken to eating seed, which we have never seen them do. Normally, they are chowing down on suet or bugs, but not the black-oil.

North West Birds said...

Nice list Michele! I see you saw the Varied Thrush! I'm still hoping to see a Thrush while the snow is still around.

A Portland Backyard: I never saw any Starlings until the snow came.
The record for number of Starlings in our yard is 10 or so.

I seen them eating seed and suet but since they only take a little bit of food, (unusual for Starlings) I've actually grown to like Starlings.