Friday, December 5, 2008

Siskin goes to Audubon.

Last night, a new Pine Siskin was taken to the Audubon Society of Portland's care center.
We brought it in after I found the little guy hopping around on the ground under one of our feeders, trying to find any food possible, for he could not fly.
I ran back into the house after I figured out what was wrong and called the Audubon Society, they told us to bring the bird in.
I got a cardboard box, a piece of green silk, and some thistle seed (Nyjer). I then laid down the silk inside the box, sprinkled the seed on top of the silk and put the little guy in the box.
We got there safely with the Siskin and the guy at Audubon looked at the bird, then took him into the vet right away. He told us that there was another Siskin who had been brought in recently so they might put the two birds together!
So, the little Pine Siskin is now safe and sound at the care center, with a friend, at the Audubon Society of Portland.


NW Nature Nut said...

I'm glad you wrote about this, I was wondering what happened. I'm glad they could help. Will they update you with how he is doing? I hope he gets better soon.

North West Birds said...

Yes, that was something I forgot to wright.
They told us that they will call and update us on how he's doing and if he will be able to be released.

I'm sure everyone will be thinking good thoughts for him :-)

Mary said...

How wonderful that you have some where to take injured birds. I see them all the time and never know what to do. I have a junco right now with what I figure is a broken leg...sticks out to the side and makes feeding awkward. I seem to see more leg injuries than anything else.