Monday, March 23, 2009

Lewis and Clark trail.

Today me and my family went to the end of the Lewis and Clark trail and then to Fort Clatsop.

This is the statue of Lewis and Clark at the end of their trail.

Entering Fort Clatsop.

A winter wren! A new life bird! I had hoped that I would get at least one life bird at the coast!

Common loons were abundant here! They are also life birds! There were no shortage of buffleheads either.

A statue inside the visitors center.

A canoe.

When they could, expedition members would relax in the evening with music and dance.

Thanks to Meriwether Lewis' mother, he knew much about herbs and plants. This came in very handy during the journey.

On the left is a stuffed Lewis' woodpecker. On the bottom is a stuffed chickaree, (or Douglas squirrel) and on the right is a stuffed Clark's nutcracker.

The captain's storage.

The Captain's quarters.

And finally, the outside of the fort.

List for birds on the day,

* = life bird.
  1. Western canada goose
  2. Cackling goose
  3. Mallard
  4. Common loon*
  5. Pied - billed grebe
  6. Great blue heron
  7. Turkey vulture
  8. Bald eagle
  9. Red - tailed hawk
  10. American kestrel
  11. American coot
  12. Herring gull*
  13. Western gull
  14. Glaucous - winged gull
  15. Glaucous gull
  16. Band - tailed pigeon
  17. Rock dove (pigeon)
  18. Mourning dove
  19. Northern flicker
  20. American crow
  21. Violet - green swallow
  22. Black - capped chickadee
  23. White breasted nuthatch (heard)
  24. Winter wren*
  25. Marsh wren*
  26. American robin
  27. European starling
  28. Brewer's blackbird


Warren Baker said...

well done with the Winter Wren Connor. A good feeling to get a new species on the life list!

North West Birds said...

Thanks. It's always a nice feeling to see a new species!