Monday, March 16, 2009

Park flooding.

Greenway park is flooded. When it floods here it brings the ducks, geese, herons, etc. closer in. We got a nice surprise when we found a group of violet green swallows flying in the air and catching bugs. Swallows are common in the park but not at this time of year.

Anyway these are some of the birds that came in from the wetlands and maybe some other places.

Western Canada geese.

Cackling goose (left).

More cacklers.

Gadwalls (left) and mallard (right).

Look how high the creek is!

See the little whirl-pools?


Mostly cacklers.

You can't even see the beaver dam!

A pair of American wigeon (left) and a green winged teal (right).

Golden crowned sparrows.


Warren Baker said...

Nice collection of ducks there mate. It was real wet over here a while back, but it soon dried up, with all the new spring growth coming through.

North West Birds said...

Thanks. Floods always bring some of the wetland species a little closer. It's still a bit wet here but most of the water is gone.