Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring brings more life birds!

Yesterday on a trip down to Newberg I had a great birding day, (even if it was only birding from the car). On the way to our destination we saw 1 steller jay, 3 chickadee, 1 robin, 1 western bluebird, 8 red-tailed hawks, 4 kestrels, 8 violet green swallows, 1 starling and 2 mourning dove. On the way back I got two life birds! I spotted a merlin perched on top of a tree! That was a life bird for me! Then, as we were driving past Greenway park, the unexpected happend. A male ring - necked pheasent flew over our car! What a surprise to see so many birds and life birds just from your car! What a day!


MacBirder said...

I live in McMinnville and work in Beaverton, and am blessed with great birding everyday from my car. Occassionally a few ponds along the way make me pull of for a quick extra view.

North West Birds said...

There are some great places for birding in Beaverton. I always want to look at ponds when we pass by.