Saturday, November 29, 2008

Red Winged Blackbirds.

Okay, here are the pictures of the Red Winged Blackbirds that came to the yard on PFW Week 2!

Well, some more Blackbirds showed up today so I guess the wait for the ever elusive RW Blackbird is over!


Beverly said...

Hey Connor,

I meant to ask, who makes that really cool looking flat-bed feeder with the unusual roof?

AND ... the Red-winged guys are back at my place, too! I'll never forget how, when they arrived early this year (Feb or March?), when I'd first begun looking at birds, I was just SURE they were Tri-colored Blackbirds. LOL

This time of year they seem to 'hide the red'; perhaps so they can eat in peace, huh?

North West Birds said...

I think the feeder is made by Countryside Culture in Grants Pass Oregon, and the roof is a separate rain cover.
I don't know who makes the cover.

I don't know why but the RW Blackbirds do seem to have less red this time of year than in the Summer.