Saturday, November 1, 2008

GOBC fun!

WOW! What Fun!!
Thanks Northwest Nature Nut for hosting the Great Bird Count of October! It was really fun counting all the birds and making new backyard and blogger friends! Are you doing this next year?

Thanks to everybody else for keeping me entertained all the way through October with your bird lists. I was checking almost every day to see what birds you were seeing at your house.
It was great fun and I don't want it to be over.

Well, I signed up for Project Feeder Watch and it looks fun so I will be occupied with that :-)

When we wait for the PFW good luck and good birding.


linda said...

congrats on the trophy! well done~

Beverly said...


I'm going to continue posting birds I see monthly...and hope everybody continues. It IS fun to see how folks are doin'.

North West Birds said...

Thanks guys.

I am going to keep posting birds I see monthly too. I can now add: Belted Kingfisher(FO), Mourning dove, and American Robin. A Yellow Rumped Warbler was on my seeing the bird wish list and I finally saw that elusive little guy!