Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long lost Blackbirds!

Finally! When I went on a walk in Greenway park I saw a big flock of Red Winged Blackbirds!
I haven't seen a single Red Winged Blackbird since before we bought our house!
They were perched up in a tree making their "coonkaree" sound to each other. I was beginning to think that back in June was the last time I was going to see one of those guys, but thankfully not!

Things have been pretty much the same in our yard, but the birds like the Squirrel Buster Mini so much that I have to fill it up almost every day! By about 10:00 AM, the feeder is picked clean by all the birds, (not the squirrels)!

Perfect timing on the Project Feeder Watch people's part. I just got my forms in today and on starting day too.

Have good, happy birding and if you signed up for PFW have a good time!


NW Nature Nut said...

We just saw a RW Blackbird in the parking lot at work with the Brewer's Blackbirds. I don't recall ever seeing a RW out there before. I plan to count birds for PFW tomorrow and Monday. I have tons of Pine Siskins these days.

North West Birds said...

Really?! A RW Blackbird? All the times I've been there I have only seen the Brewer's Blackbirds.
The only other bird I've seen outside of the Brewer's Blackbirds is one pair of House Sparrows.

My PFW counting days are Wednesday and Thursday.

Same here with the Siskins.