Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Raptor Quiz and Koll Wetlands

Okay, here is the quiz. What are these two Raptors?
Be sure to leave a comment with your answer.

Now, while you're finding the quiz out here is some action from Koll Wetlands.

This is a panoramic photo from the rock table that is there.

A Song Sparrow by the water.

Mallards going in the water.

When I reached the bank of the pond I accidentally scared away this Green Heron.
Can you see him?

Great Blue Heron and Mallards.

Great Egret and Common Mergansers.

Great Egret.

Common Mergansers.

Great Blue Heron where the Otters were.

Northern Shovelers, Common Mergansers, Double Crested Cormorants, Ring Necked Ducks and Mallards.

1 comment:

NW Nature Nut said...

I'm bad a raptor ID, but I think your cormorants might be Common Mergansers. Take a look in your book and see. After my trip to Koll Wetlands and Commonwealth Lake, I have been studying them in my field guide. They sure are cool, huh!?

Okay, I guess Red-tailed Hawk (if I am right it is because I think your mom gave it away in the shop yesterday) :) Happy Thanksgiving!